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OUTDOOR CLASSES We are now allowed to host Outdoor Classes. Starting this Saturday(May30th) at 10am. *Zoom classes will continue per normal schedule.* Location: -CCC parking lot -Please park across the street, or on the street Times: -M-F 6:30PM -Sat/Sun 10am Class...

Strength in Community

Strength in Community

  To the Clipper Family: Week 2 and you all are doing amazing! You may not realize but just getting through each day in whatever fashion is a success. Take some deep breaths and focus on controlling the things you can control within your reach.  We are confident...

Sunday 3/8/20

WORKOUT 3 SETS 8 Power Snatch (95/65)|(65/45) 10 V-Ups or Tuck-Ups -Rest 1:00- 2 SETS 10 Power Snatch (135/95)|(95/65) 15 V-Ups or Tuck-Ups -Rest 1:00- 1 SET 12 Power Snatch (155/105)|(115/75) 30 V-Ups or Tuck-Ups (Score is Total Time)

Saturday 3/7/20

PARTNER WORKOUT IN TEAMS OF 2... FOR TIME* 100 Cal Row 100 Pull-Ups 30 Front Squat (185/125)|(135/95) 50 Pull-Ups 50 Cal Row 30 Front Squat *P1 works while P2 rests. Workout must be completed in order. Split reps any way. Front Squat comes from the ground. C2B is...

Friday 3/6/20

EXTENDED WARM-UP ON A 10:00 RUNNING CLOCK... Build Quickly to Heavy Single Power Clean & Jerk* *Building should take you up to or past your weight in the workout. (Score is Load) NCFIT BENCHMARK WORKOUT "THE CALI BEAR" EVERY :30 FOR 20 MINUTES 1 Power Clean &...

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