To the Clipper Family:

Week 2 and you all are doing amazing! You may not realize but just getting through each day in whatever fashion is a success. Take some deep breaths and focus on controlling the things you can control within your reach.  We are confident you will get through this!
Online classes have been rocking so far so we will keep it going and add more based on your input. If you do not have a Zoom account – no problem! Download the free app here. The links will be posted in the Facebook Community page daily and sent via e-mail.

We are here to support and guide you through these unchartered waters. We will continue do our best to keep the spirit and bond of Clipper City going whether we are inside or outside the box. Brick and mortar doesn’t define what is at the heart of Clipper City.

Yes, our physical doors are closed but not our commitment to you – to provide you the best service possible. We will continue to do our best add value to our service. Be on the lookout for new events and content. If you want to borrow equipment – a kettlebell, a dumbbell, or some other equipment – let us know and we’ll do what we can.

At this time, we are asking our members to believe in Clipper City and help us. While we do not want to close our physical doors permanently, this could be the reality depending on how long this lasts. Our monthly group memberships will begin renewing on April 1st. What we ask of you is to continue your membership at your current level for the month of April. If you are unemployed because of COVID-19 or a small business that closed, please contact Matt and he will do everything he can to assist you.

In that same vein as a community, those of you that are secure in your job position please consider helping our members who have lost their jobs or small business owners who were forced to close.

We all believe in the values and vision of Clipper City – “Strength in Community”  and with your help we will be here for you when this crisis is over.
Trust in us by making a short term investment in Clipper City so we are here for not only you & your family but for the overall community for years to come.

These difficult times are but a moment, and when that moment passes, we shall celebrate!
Thank you,