Good Day Clippers!

**To ensure a smooth transition in the new phase of reopening, PLEASE read these new procedures carefully. We realize this is a lot of information, but your health and safety are our main priority**

We will be reopening indoor classes beginning Monday, June 22nd, with the 10:30am class. Please note the following changes:

There will be both indoor & outdoor classes moving forward. (No more Zoom classes until further notice)

Please STAY HOME when you feel SICK.

Class Schedule:


6:30am (OUTDOOR)

8am (INDOOR)

12pm (INDOOR)

5:30pm (INDOOR)

6:45pm (OUTDOOR)



10:30am (INDOOR)

*Please feel free to take a screenshot of this schedule for easy reference when booking classes on Push Press

*We are allotting extra time between classes to allow for adequate time to properly clean, sanitize, and limit crowding between classes.

*If weather does NOT permit for an outdoor class for the respective class times, it will become an indoor class. Athletes will be notified one hour before hand.

*Zoom group classes: We will still offer virtual personal training/coaching, but group classes will no longer be held via Zoom.

*Indoor/outdoor class selection – Our goal was to optimize class options for everyone’s schedule/preferences. Parking space availability and heat/sun exposure were contributing factors as well.

*ALL classes (indoor & outdoor) will require sign up on the Push Press App. Registration closes 1 hr. prior to scheduled class time. Please let us know ASAP if you need any assistance logging on. This is very important as coaches need to properly plan for each class based on the number of participants.

*Until further notice, there is a maximum of 10 members per class (not including 1 coach).

*At this time, there will be no individual side workouts permitted inside during class times.


-ALL THREE workout programs will continue to be posted on SUGARWOD / Clipper City website (Gym Workout/ At-Home Workout / Home Gym Workout)

Equipment Return:

In order to run classes, we will need equipment! Please, bring back all borrowed equipment either days/times below. Please see a coach when returning items so we can disinfect returned items and check your name off of the list.

Monday (6/22) 8AM – 6:00PM

Tuesday (6/23) 8AM – 6:00PM

Athlete Protocol:

-Arrive 10 minutes early

-Wear mask when entering the gym, coach will take temperature (with contactless thermometer), and you may remove mask upon entering your designated workout space.

-Wipe down ALL equipment used/touched

-Wipe down pull-up bars and rings used

-Wipe down floor and sweat within your square

-There will be hand sanitizer and sanitizing spray with a clean towel in each caddy in your designated square (indoor) or on the table located by the door (outdoor). These must be used.

-All athletes must maintain proper distancing guidelines (6ft+) inside the gym.

-Please stay in your 6×8 square and be cognizant of proper

distancing when on the rig spaces and on cardio equipment.

-Members are strongly advised against ANY kind of personal contact (including, but not limited to: fist bumps, high fives, elbow bumps, etc.).

-Wear mask upon existing workout space, and gathering your belongs while you exit.

Personal Belongings:

-Please keep personal belongings confined to a backpack or

bag, and keep them organized & in one location.

– To create more room in the gym and to minimize the spread of germs, there will be no more cubbies. Each and every athlete will have to bring and take all their belongings every day.

-There are hooks near the restrooms where you can hang your bags and jackets for the duration of class.

-At the end of each week, all left over belongings will be donated, if not retrieved.


-All check-ins will now be done through the Push Press App and no longer when entering the gym on the iPad. Sale of Fit-Aid and Rx Bars are suspended until further notice.


-Please use bathrooms in lobby. We are currently working on a sanitization procedure for the restrooms in the gym.

Your health and safety is our top priority! With that being said, procedures are subject to change as state and city guidelines change. Please be patient and understanding with staff as we work through these changes. We are working closely together as a team to make this reopening as safe as possible.

Thank you for all your support! We are very excited to continue to see all your faces in person!

Clipper City Coaches