We are now allowed to host Outdoor Classes. Starting this Saturday(May30th) at 10am.
*Zoom classes will continue per normal schedule.*
-CCC parking lot
-Please park across the street, or on the street
-M-F 6:30PM
-Sat/Sun 10am
Class Size:
-9 members
-1 coach
Class Structure:
-Each athlete will need to bring their own dumbbells/kettlebells they borrowed. This will prevent us from having to have the equipment returned, and will allow you to still do Zoom classes as well.
-Coach will assign you to a station as you arrive-Stations will have:
-individual sanitation caddies(disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, towel)
-Warm-up Equipment
-Any additional workout equipment required(ie. yoga mat, barbell, etc)
-Warmup, Workout
-Sanitize equipment
-Lobby bathrooms will be available
-Maintain a minimum 6ft distance from each other and coaches.
-Sign up through Push Press Member
-How to Sign up:
Class Cancellation:
-In case of poor weather, we will notify members one hour prior to the start of the class time.
-Notifications will be through text, email, and social media(facebook community page)
Member Cancellation:
-No Shows. Don’t do it!
-Please be considerate of others that are on the waitlist.
-There will be a 3 strike policy. After 3 no shows, you will be charged $20 for each no show thereafter.
Please keep in mind, as guidelines and regulations change, we will be adapting with them. So please be patient with class procedures, scheduling, and any other changes that may occur.
We are excited to be returning to some semblance of the group CrossFit we know and love. And it will take patience and understanding of the whole community.
Much Love,
Clipper City Coaches