Barbell & Kip


Lift & Pull. Key elements in both life and competition.
Moving efficiently and effectively is essential in accomplishing our goals.

Do you want that feeling from every class?

Then Barbell & Kip is FOR YOU!

Maybe you’ve reached a plateau recently with your lifts or gymnastic work. Or you’re a little unsure of some technical points when working out. Either way, Barbell & Kip is the answer.

During Barbell & Kip you will learn the effective techniques for Oly lifts and gymnastics and their variations in order to maximize results!

Here’s how Barbell & Kip will get YOU stronger:
• Develop strength and skill in Olympic lifts and Gymnastics
• Use accessory movements for guaranteed results
• Follow strength and skill progressions PROVEN to work
• Learn the secrets all good lifters & gymnasts know
• Learn a method you can apply yourself!

Do you want to add strength, learn new skills, AND improve your WOD times?


Our Barbell & Kip course runs for 4 weeks, and is only two sessions per week! That’s right, more gainz in just 2 sessions a week!
This course will start on the June 6th and runs on Tuesdays(Olympic Lifts) and Thursdays(Gymnastic) at 7:30pm.

Are you ready?

Here’s what you need do:
1. Go to
2. Select “Barbell & Kip”
3. You will be charged $80(for members) or $120 (for non-members)
4. You’ll then receive an email from us with more details about the course!

By the way, this course is limited to ONLY 12 ATHLETES, so it will sell out. Don’t take a chance with your strength and skill, and sign up ASAP!

Seth & Matty
Barbell & Kip coaches