Sunday Jan 7th 9AM-11AM

All women are welcome to join us at Clipper City CrossFit to learn and practice self-defense through Systema. Certified Systema instructor Gabriel Pickus will help you develop the skill and mindset necessary to protect yourself.

Learn to use your breathing to stay calm and clear under stress
Learn to relax in response to physical and psychological pressures
Learn to move using your body’s natural defenses and survival skills
Learn to use your posture to stand up to an attack and de-escalate violence

This event is free to participants.
It is a drop-in class.
After initial class(Jan 7th), this self-defense class will be offered the first sunday of every month. With a recommended $10 donation.
Men are also welcome.

A link to “what is Systema?” This link is to help better understand the martial art.