A) Warm-up
“Burgener Warm-up w. a pvc”
1. Down and up
2. Elbows high and outside
3. Muscle snatch
4. Snatch land
5. Snatch drop
6. Hang power snatch
*Go through 5 reps of each step and explain the significance of each.
B) Prep, 5:00
Grab a barbell and complete:
5 Hang Muscle Snatch
5 Snatch Grip Push Press Behind the neck then start warming up Hang Power Snatch below knee”

C) Strength
Hang Power Snatch below the Knee: 5 x 3 @75%. Rest 90s.
– Add 5-10#s from last week
– Intermediate: Light for all sets
– Beginner: Snatch Grip Push Press, 5 x 5 at a moderate weight for all sets.
*Hang Power Snatch Below Knee Note: This movements starts by deadlifting weight off the floor to standing, then lowering the weight below knee and setting up there for a 1 count then initiating your first rep. After the first rep repeat 2 more times.

D) Conditioning
Burpee Pull-ups
*If an athlete hits 100 Burpee Pull-ups before 12:00 they can denote their time. Just to be clear, 100 burpee pull-ups is the cap so this workout is either 12:00 or 100 burpee pull-ups, whichever comes first.
Beginner Metcon:
AMRAP 7: Burpees
*Spend 5:00 warming up with 2 sets of 10 burpees. Rest 60s between sets.

E) Extra Credit
Ring Rows w. 1 count pause at top: Accumulate 40 Reps