A) Warm-up, 10:00
Box Programming Dynamic Warm-up

B) Mobility/Prep
Tissue Work: Lax Ball or Softball in Glute x 60s each Then set-up Sled Pushes with weights

C) Conditioning
1) 5 Rounds of:
40 Yard Heavy Sled Push. Rest 60-90s. or Sledpull Powerwalk
Alternate Option: Rowing Intervals: 5 x 400 meters. Rest 2:00 @80% Effort or Assault Bike: 4 x 60s. Rest 2:00 @80% Effort
2) 5 Rounds of:
Chest Facing Wall Handstand Hold x 10-20s
T2B Practice x _ *Complete sets that allow you to maintain efficiency and cycle reps.

D) Finisher
3 Rounds of:
1a) Single Leg KB RDLs x 8 ea.
1b) DB Hammer Curls x 8-10.
1c) Hollow Hold x 20s.
*Rest as needed between exercises.

E) Extra Credit
5:00 of “Cooldown” in the form of static stretching or preferred tissue work