A) Warm-up
Row 500m
Group Dynamic Circle Warm-up
– Go around in a circle and have athletes choose a bodyweight exercise. Perform 10 reps of each movement.

B) Mobility
Achilles/Calve Stretch against Wall x 60s each leg

C) Conditioning
For total time:
Rowing for Meters
Rest 2:00 after each completed round
25:00 Cap
*If rowing is not a viable option sub running of 400-400-300-300-200 meters.

D) Finisher
3 Rounds of:
1a) 50 Ft. each Arm Bottoms-up KB Carry. Rest 30s.
1b) DB or KB Split Squats x 8 ea. Rest 30s.
1c) Abs with plate Switch x 30s Max Reps. Rest 30s.

E) Extra Credit
3:00 of Foam Rolling Quads, Lats, Thoracic Spine x 10 passes each