Mixed Skill Work
5 Sets of:
1a) Squat Snatch
1b) Rope Climb
•Perform 2-3 Squat Snatch not going higher than 60% of 1RM. These can be done touch n go style if able. Perform Rope Climb either as a skill or accumulating volume. These can be done legless if needed. If performing for volume perform 1-3 reps. If performing for skill spend about 60s practing each round.

5 Rounds of 40 work/20 rest for quality:
1a) Double Unders or attempts
1b) SDHP (53, 35)
1c) Russian Twists w. a plate (25, 10)
1d) Mountain Climbers, 2 count
1e) KBS (53, 35)
*Scale as needed.