A) Warm-up
Alternating Tabata:
1a) Hollow Rocks
1b) Air Squats
Then grab all equipment for the metcon:
– 10 Front Rack Reverse Lunges
– 15 BB Rows (5 pronated grip/5 supinated grip/5 wide grip
– 20 Russian Twists with a plate
B) Mobility
Tissue Work Foam Roll x 10 slow passes each: –
Thoracic Spine
– Calves
– Adductors
C) Skill
Skill EMOM 8:
ODD Minutes: 1 Monostructural Movement: ie. bike, row, running. This can also be done with double unders
EVEN Minutes: 30s of Double Under or Triple Under Practice
D) Conditioning
5 Rounds of 45s work/15s Rest:
1a) Barbell Rows, Alternate Grips (95, 65)
1b) Barbell Front Rack Reverse Lunges (95, 65)
1c) Russian Twists w. a plate (25, 15)
1d) Farmer Carry (70, 53) (100 ft. increments)
1e) Single arm DB Push Press (split work on both sides)
*For quality, no score today.
L3: (75, 55) L2: (65, 35)
L1: (45, 25)
E) Extra Credit
Accumulate 100 Banded Pull-aparts:
*After each set complete a 10-15s hollow hold