Warm up
1 Round of:
Run 200m
15 Sit-ups
Run 200m
15 Push-ups
Run 200m
15 Air Squats

Worlds Greatest Stretch x 30s each pose.

Teams of 3 in 25:00 complete:
120 DB Step-ups (24, 20) (Two, 45s, 25s Kettlebells or Dumbells)
120 Abmat Situps
Remaining time Max Calories on the Rower
*One person works. Score = total calories on Rower

3 Rounds of:
1a) Double KB Front Rack Carry x 100 Meters. Rest 30s.
1b) DB Hammer Curls x 8-10. Rest 30s.
1c) Hollow Hold x 15-25s. Rest 30s.
Training Notes: Make sure athletes keep ribs down on front rack carries. KBs can be used for hammer curls if no accesss to DBs.

Extra Credit
Static Stretch if Time Permits as a group