This is a 6 week long class with the goal of refocusing your nutritional habits. Learning to fuel your body and mind to help increase performance and energy levels. Within this group, you will receive encouragement, develop new habits and find accountability. Eating healthy doesn’t need to be a challenge.
Each week, you will do a workout, discuss nutrition and receive an email with a new receipe, mobility/workout tip and a few words of encouragement.
6 weeks – Tuesdays @ 7:30PM
$40 For members $200 For non-members
Maxium of 12 people, minimum of 6
Week 1: Take before photos. Take measurements. Do a baseline WOD.
Week 2: Food talk. Review healthy and unhealthy foods and food prep. WOD
Week 3: A Recipe share. WOD
Week 4: Athlete Updates. WOD
Week 5: Set meals for potluck. WOD.
Week 6: Take after photos. Take measurements. Redo the baseline WOD. Potluck.
Sign Up Sheet will be on the Whiteboard.