4 rounds for time: each round representing a year of his life.
7 DEADLIFTS (225/155)
9 SLURPEES (slamball burpees)
(We will replace slam ball burpees with Wall Ball Burpees 20/14)

This particular workout is dedicated to Boston, the son of Ashley, a friend of Amy Harris. As most of you know, Amy is a firefighter, and so is Ashley. Firefighters are a vital part of our, as well as, every community. As a show of support and respect for them and Boston, we will push hard through this workout.

Boston Schwamberger was a healthy and active three-year-old when suddenly in October 2012 he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor known as DIPG. There are no successful cases of patients surviving DIPG, yet his family hoped he would be the first. Boston was a preschooler at Notre Dame Elementary and he was frequently in the gym with his mom, Ashley Schwamberger, a CrossFit coach and athlete. His local community and surrounding areas, as well as the CrossFit community stood behind his family and started Battling for Boston. Boston endured 30 radiation treatments and months of chemotherapy. Ultimately Boston lost his battle with brain cancer September 4, 2013. His family continues Battling for Boston, and it has become his mother’s mission to keep her son’s legacy alive and growing.

Each year on Boston’s birthday, July 22, Ashley does the “Boston” workout, also known as the “B4B workout”. Being a CrossFit based workout, she invites and encourages all types of gyms to participate. “It’s not the workout that matters as much, but the intention behind it” Ashley explains. “Digging deep, giving everything you have and fighting until the very end just as Boston did.”

In addition to the workout, Boston’s legacy can be honored by doing random acts of kindness throughout your communities. Take time to listen to someone. Hold doors open. Pick up trash in your neighborhood. Volunteer. Give a compliment to someone. These only take a moment in time, but the impacts they leave last much longer! If one person is a recipient of an act of kindness and they share that love with another person, and that person shares it with someone else…. before you know it, kindness will no longer be so random!